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Traditional B&W Photography- Film Negatives & Gelatin Silver Prints.
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Color Catalog 2002-2013 Photographs are exclusively E6 35mm film transparencies using Leica R6 SLR cameras and Leica optics
All photos have complete descriptions, files scanned using Nikon 5000ED, sized 40 - 50+MB

Strassburg Inn ��� Paul Reinert Catalog link


Gargoyle Notre Dame de Paris France ��� Paul Reinert


��� Paul Reinert Catalog link Doorways


Reliefs Catalog ��� Paul Reinert


Versailles ��� Paul Reinert Catalog link


Gargoyle Notre Dame de Paris France


Fire Escapes New York ��� Paul Reinert Catalog

Fire Escapes

��� Paul Reinert Catalog link Art Deco New York City

Art Deco

Ironwork ��� Paul Reinert Catalog link

Iron Work

��� Paul Reinert Catalog link Motifs


Cherry Blossoms ��� Paul Reinert Catalog image

Cherry Blossoms

Gardens ��� Paul Reinert Catalog image

Garden Sculptures

Cape May ��� Paul Reinert Catalog image

Cape May

Water Lilies ��� Paul Reinert Catalog image

Water Lilies

Water Lily Bronx Botanical Garden ��� Paul Reinert Catalog


Paris Galerie Vivian ��� Paul Reinert Catalog link


Arles Van Gogh Cafe ��� Paul Reinert Catalog link


Palais de Papes Avignon France ��� Paul Reinert Catalog link


Place Darcy Dijon France ��� Paul Reinert Catalog link


Lyon Restaurant ��� Paul Reinert Catalog link


Strassburg Inn ��� Paul Reinert Catalog link


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Leica Master Shots(film category) 2010-2011

Paul Reinert��� - LFI Master Shots (Leica Fotografie International)Paul Reinert���reinertphoto - LFI Master Shots (Leica Fotografie International)

silent watch Silent Watch Salmagundi Show��������� ��� Paul Reinert www.reinertphoto.comwas selected out of 500+ submissions to the Salmagundi
Art Club (non-members show) that had 98 pieces on display, which ran June 28th- July 9th 2010
Salmagundi Club, Forty-Seven Fifth Avenue | New York, NY 10003 | 212-255-7740 |

Works currently on view or in past shows/galleries - listed on the blog

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